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Monster Island Series is a Godzilla comedy series created by G&G-Fan on YouTube.


The show is mostly about the lives Godzilla and his friends (who are called the "Monster Island Buddies"), as they fight off the "Monsters of Evil" (an organization led by Keizer Ghidorah), and face everyday problems.







Season 1

# Title Episode Length Summary
1 The Beginning 21:10 This episode introduces Godzilla, his best friends (Rodan and Jet Jaguar), Minilla, and the evil monsters. MechaGodzilla is commissioned by the evil monsters to build a time machine for them to use to take over the world, but MechaGodzilla betrays the evil monsters and befriends Godzilla.
2 Bad Monsters 17:07 Keizer Ghidorah gathers many Godzilla's past enemies (SpaceGodzilla, Megalon, Destoroyah, Hedorah, King Ghidorah, and Orga) to create a new team of evil monsters called "The Monsters of Evil".
3 The Battle for Monster Island 22:58 The Monsters of Evil attack the Monster Island Buddies for the first time!
4 Godzilla starts his journey 13:02 Godzilla calls Zilla to try and convince him to return to Monster Island, but Zilla refuses. After the phone call is over, Godzilla starts his journey to find Minilla.
5 M.U.T.O. 14:31 Zilla encounters M.U.T.O., Godzilla's most recent enemy, while exploring the island he ran away to.
6 Zilla Returns 8:00 Zilla Returns to Monster Island. Meanwhile, after learning that Godzilla isn't on Monster Island at the moment, due to him checking small nearby islands to see if the Monsters of Evil base is there, Keizer Ghidorah plans to preform a surprise attack on the Monster Island Buddies.
7 Surprise Attack! 14:37 The Monsters of Evil attack the remaining Monster Island Buddies by surprise. As a result, Jet Jaguar is destroyed, and all of the remaining Monster Island Buddies are captured and taken as slaves for the Monsters of Evil.
8 Return to Monster Island 10:55 Godzilla returns to Monster Island after checking all of the smaller islands near Monster Island, only to find that all of his friends were taken as slaves. Even worse, a reprogrammed MechaGodzilla attacks is sent to destroy him!
9 April Fools Day 17:23 In the first ever Monster Island Series holiday special, Rodan's hatred for April Fools Day is explored, as he tries not to get pranked so easily. Also, Minilla gets tricked by Destoroyah, King Ghidorah pranks Gigan, and MechaGodzilla and King Caesar fight over an old score.
10 Monster Slaves 15:24 Rodan, and King Caesar team up to try and protest against the Monsters of Evil to try and convince them to let them go.
11 Trouble 14:12 Godzilla, Zilla, and MechaGodzilla are ambushed by M.U.T.O.
12 Godzilla to the Rescue! 12:34 Godzilla and MechaGodzilla find the Monsters of Evil base and save their friends. However, Keizer won't let them take away the Monsters of Evil's slaves so easily...
13 Jet Jaguar's Fixed 10:38 After Godzilla and all of his friends return home, MechaGodzilla fixes Jet Jaguar and shows Godzilla.
14 Evil Brewing 15:17 The Monsters of Evil come up with a new plan to take down the Monster Island Buddies.
15 Date Night 19:09 While Godzilla and Mothra are out on a date, Jet Jaguar is left to baby-sit Minilla and Zilla.
16 The Warning 10:53 King Ghidorah attacks Godzilla by surprise. With the help of Gorosaurus, Godzilla is able to defeat King Ghidorah. King Ghidorah is then forced to share the Monsters of Evil's new plan.
17 Halloween 19:51 After Minilla and Anguirus (who are dressed up as Megalon and Gigan) finish trick-or-treating, Godzilla sends Minilla and Anguirus (who are still in their costumes) to infiltrate the Monsters of Evil base. Meanwhile, M.U.T.O. and Gorosaurus have trouble finding good costumes to wear.
18 Godzilla's Birthday 18:15 The Monster Island Buddies throw a party to celebrate Godzilla's 61st birthday. Meanwhile, the Monsters of Evil have pretty much had it with Gigan.
19 Monster Island Meeting 12:46 Godzilla reveals to the rest of the Monster Island Buddies about the Monsters of Evil's new plan to take them down.
20 Christmas 16:49 Godzilla celebrates Christmas with his two sons, Zilla and Minilla. Meanwhile, Keizer's hatred for Christmas is explored.
21 Preparing for Battle 17:03 Godzilla and the rest of the Monster Island Buddies prepare for the final battle against the Monsters of Evil.
22 Final Wars TBA TBA

Monster Island Mailbag

Season 1

# Question Asked Answer
1 Mailbag question: Godzilla, who is your favorite monster island buddie? Godzilla has a hard time choosing between Rodan and Jet Jaguar. After Rodan and Jet Jaguar argue (and even almost start a fight), Godzilla chooses Rodan.
2 Hey Godzilla what's your worst enemy of all times? Godzilla says it is Keizer Ghidorah.
3 Godzilla, have you ever had a secret about your friend's or have you ever had any kind of secret and kept it from your friends. Godzilla reveals that one time he ate Rodan's cookie while Rodan was using the restroom. When Rodan asked Godzilla who ate his cookie, Godzilla lies and tells him King Ghidorah did it, so Rodan beats up King Ghidorah.
4 Hey Godzilla, were did you find zilla since he is your stepson. Godzilla reveals that he found Zilla when Zilla was young. When he found him, he asked him why he was there. Zilla told Godzilla that he was looking for his father, and Godzilla told him that his father was shot down by missiles. After finding out that Zilla's mother was Jirass (meaning that Zilla was Godzilla's stepson), Godzilla decided to adopt Zilla.
5 Can Minilla sing the Alphabet? Minilla tries to sing the alphabet, but he gets the order of the letters wrong.
6 Hey Gigan, can you say you guys for ten hours? Gigan starts to repeat the words "You Guys" until Megalon attacks him.
7 Hey Destoroyah what's wrong with you? Destoroyah is enraged about the question and refuses to answer.
8 (Mailbag question) Godzilla, have you seen the trailer for Godzilla Resurgence? Godzilla says that he has seen it, and that he likes the trailer and what Toho has done with the film.
9 (Mail bag question) rodan how do you feel about Godzilla having more movies then you Rodan admits that he is pretty frustrated about it.
10 hey rodan what is your worst enemy? Rodan says its King Ghidorah, claiming that he tricked him into going into the girls bathroom in college. King Ghidorah argues and says he didn't do it, resulting in Rodan betting King Ghidorah 500 billion dollars that he did it. After viewing a flashback of what happened, it is revealed that SpaceGodzilla was really the one who tricked him into going into the girls bathroom, causing Rodan to lose the bet.
11 Godzilla can you play five nights at freddys 3? Godzilla refuses to play it, and is also surprised about how there have been 2 sequels to Five Nights at Freddy's.
12 For the Mailbag: Why does Megalon always sound depressed? Does he suffer from depression or is it for other reasons? Megalon reveals that in 1973, when him and Gigan were fighting Godzilla and Jet Jaguar, Godzilla threw a giant bolder at him and Gigan, causing Gigan to become annoying and Megalon to become depressed.
13 Hey Godzilla, who is your favorite son? After Minilla and Zilla get into a fight, Godzilla says that he likes both Minilla and Zilla the same.
14 Hey Gigan can you beat up Megalon? Gigan refuses to beat up Megalon at first, but then Megalon dares Gigan to hit him. After Gigan does hit him, Megalon beats up Gigan.
15 King Ghidorah spy on your dad. King Ghidorah spies on Keizer Ghidorah while he is in his room, only to find out that Keizer Ghidorah watches Taylor Swift.
16 Godzilla call zilla and tell him watch Godzilla 1998. Godzilla calls Zilla while he is sleeping to tell him to watch Godzilla 1998, resulting in Zilla crying at the end part when his character dies.
17 hey rodan have you dated anyone before Rodan says that he hasn't. Godzilla hears Rodan, and can't believe that Rodan hasn't dated anyone before, claiming that even Gigan has dated someone before. Godzilla then posts it on Facebook, resulting in every monster making fun of Rodan about it.

Monster Island Toons

Monster Island Toons is a series of funny shorts with the Monster Island Series characters.

# Title Length Summary
1 Super Glue 1:33 Godzilla tricks Gigan into drinking super glue after telling him that it will make him never say anything annoying again.
2 Television 6:21 After all of the power in the rest of the Monster Island Buddies houses goes out, everyone goes to Rodan's house to borrow his TV. After refusing to let them borrow his TV, Rodan gets attacked by all of the other monsters.


  • G&G-Fan currently has five seasons planned for the show. However, if the show does exceptionally well and people like it, then he will continue making episodes of the show.
    • Every season of Monster Island Series is going to have 22 episodes each.
  • The holiday specials do not take place at the same time the current events of the series are taking place. There has been some confusion about this, especially since Jet Jaguar appears in the April Fools special when he was destroyed in episode 7.
  • Monster Island Series is similar to another fan-made YouTube show named Monster Island Buddies, and there has been some criticism towards Monster Island Series because of that. However, there are some notable differences.
    • Monster Island Series has a different plot, and none of the plotlines in the show are directly stolen from Monster Island Buddies.
    • Monster Island Series doesn't have any swearing, and the monsters in MIS don't drink alcoholic beverages or take any drugs.
    • Monster Island Series episodes are notably longer then Monster Island Buddies episodes.
    • Though a lot of the characters personalities or some-what the same, there are some character personalities that are completely different, one example being Titanosaurus.
    • However, the creator of Monster Island Series (G&G-Fan) does not hate Monster Island Buddies, as he has subscribed to the creator of the shows channel, and does enjoy MIB episodes.
  • Some episodes of Monster Island Series have been remade, due to them not being as good as newer episodes.
    • A lot of the earlier episodes from early 2015 were remade during the summer of 2016. The ones that were remade are episode 1, episode 2, episode 3, episode 4, episode 5, episode 6, episode 7, episode 8, episode 9 (this one was remade on April Fools Day of 2016, since episode 9 is the april fools day special), episode 10, and episode 12.
    • G&G-Fan also plans on remaking the Christmas special sometime in December of 2016, as it wasn't as good as the rest of the holiday specials.

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