On the brink of doom...
What Started it All

"Humans waist their time arguing, fighting... and destroying"

Mankind calls upon three protectors...
They may not be enough..
Or his destroyers!


Who or what created life? That is a question that can never be answered. For humanity and insanity are very similar indeed. Humans waist their time arguing, fighting... and destroying. Now, destruction is a far easier subject to comprehend. Since Man learned of tools, he has been using them to slaughter. Since biological prey became predator, humans have known destruction. If one disagrees, why not just get rid of them? Humans have a hard time changing and being civil despite stating to be superior. Humans truly don't know what intelligence is, they think with destruction, primitive. Man has been working toward destroying himself for a while. War, pollution, greed... these are probably what caused the atomic bomb. This invention is no doubt one of the most horrendous ones of Man. It was when Man created his own end... Godzilla. Now, what sort of creature is Godzilla? On the surface, he looks like the same sort as Man. Savage, destructive, a holocaust waiting to happen. Of rage, of thirst for power but Godzilla may in fact be the opposite of Man. He seems to blindly rage into combat with other creatures, the demise of Megaspinosaurus is a good example of this but what if he actually thought about it. Not thinking with destruction but with thought. When fighting the savage beast mentioned before, another relic of the time of the dinosaurs, he almost seemed relieved to see a fellow from the era but then seemed to have the ultimate urge to destroy it just like has with humanity. The spinosaurid was extremely similar to Man. That was truely the death sentence for the spinosaur.