Gigamass Lifeform
Godzilla Neo GARUGARU by KaijuSamurai
Type Beast Class
Faction Gigamass Beast
Height 1 foot (infant)
Mass 1 lb (infant)
Created by Toho
Redesign by Matt Frank


After the tragedy of the Elias people, MOTHRA and the Shobijin became the guardians of the planet, while BATTRA slept beneath the ice of the north. And all the while, Gigamass was though destroyed... In 1996, pretty little Shiori Kaneshiro was spending the summer with her father in Hokkaido, away from the blazing summers of the otherwise beautiful Okinawa. She wasn't too thrilled either way...still, the forests of the north appealed to her, and she was still at home in the deep woods, picking flowers. It was small consolation from her fathers' construction company, which was keen on leveling the entire region, an unfortunate result of simply too many people and not enough space. In the forest, one day, she came across something strange and bizarre...a small, furry creature who she plucked out of the bushes, mistaking him for a flower: the mysterious GHOGO! The small creature fled from her at first, but she coaxed to it and offered it solace. Taking the creature to her father's house, she offered it food, and it grew accustomed to her. She admired the little gold jewelery on the creature's tail, including one with a strange cross-shaped design on it. Suddenly, a strong wind blew her doors open, and when she rushed to close it, she turned around to find that a pair of tiny women were standing on the table: the Shobijin! They had come to take Ghogo away and hide him on Infant Island, because of the powers he carried...but alas, someone else had found him already! Smashing through a window, another equally small woman appeared, clothed in black and flying atop a tiny winged lion. It was Belvera! Darkest of the faeries, she sought to restore the power of Gigamass with Ghogo as the final piece! After a pitched battle between the women and their steeds, FAIRY MOTHRA and BLACK KROIGA, Belvera managed to steal the seal from Ghogo's tail! She intended to revive the monster in the mountain at the construction site, GARUGARU!

Garugaru was the "Volcanic Gigamass," created by Gigamass's conciousness to burn the land clean. When Belvera used Shiori's father (via mind control) to detonate the cave beneath the mountain, she discovered an egg...and from it the tiny Garugaru?! Surely his power could be increased somehow...but burning trees and feeding off their life energy.

Even with Shiori's and the Shobijin's efforts, Garugaru absorbed enough power to become DEATH GARUGARU! Now Mothra had to be called in to battle...but how will she prevail?!


  • - Flight
  • - Able to absorb energy of dieing plants
  • - Spits magma-like blasts from mouth
  • - Can control magma beneath the Earth and cause explosive shockwaves

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