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Monster Island Buddies is a comedic internet video series about the lives of Godzilla and his Monster Island "Buddies," as they face off against some of their most dangerous enemies or face life on Monster Island (which resembles a giant house) with everyday problems. It is adult-oriented in comedy and the series satirizes how most Godzilla fan-series' are done by parodying cheap effects or choreography. It also makes several Star Wars references.



The Hand, an example of the Show's form of satire.

Monster Island Buddies follows the life of Godzilla and his "Monster Island Buddies" as they get into silly or adult-related predicaments. Or for the lack of a better term, according to the series creator, is a series where he (sic) "take my Godzilla toys and make them do silly things. Sometimes a plot happens." The series is a parody of the Godzilla series in general and satirizes how most Godzilla fan-series' on YouTube are done by intentionally using cheap effects (ex. with his hand appearing in most scenes to give monsters movement) while using other programs for special effects.



MIB - Godzilla



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MIB - Rodan



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MIB - Jet Jaguar

Jet Jaguar

Jet Jaguar:

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MIB - Mothra 1

Mothra (her first appearance)


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MIB - Anguirus


Anguirus: Anguirus is one of the monsters that lives with the Monster Island Buddies. For a majority of the series, unlike many of the Monsters on the island, his personality at first took on the motif of a dog as (almost all) his dialogue is consistently that of barking. As a result of this trait, he acted as the "pet" of the group until season 4's finale, where he revealed that not only can he talk fluently but he also has a thick Scottish accent. It wasn't until midway through the Monster Island War that it was revealed that he was in fact, a Monk from an ancient order who had come to protect and watch over "the Chosen One" of the Monster Island Buddies. A running gag in the series that involves Anguirus is that the narrator/creator of the show, as well as several characters, often mispronounces his name.

Anguirus is great friends with Minilla as when he was much younger, Anguirus saved him from being attacked by Gabara, establishing their friendship. Anguirus would continue to hide out as Minilla's pet, secretly using his seer-like abilities to commit many of the pivotal moments in the series. Eventually during the Monster Island War, once the Chosen One was revealed and Godzilla was saved from an ambush against Keizer Ghidorah, Anguirus shed his pet status in the series to become his own monster. He continued to be friends with Minilla, but during which, he had also befriended Gamera (who also had an affinity towards a higher power) and together both monsters would work together to help the Monster Island Buddies whenever they were in a jam. Anguirus is portrayed by the 6" Bandai Final Wars Anguirus figure, and in the flashbacks, by a 6" Bandai Godzilla Island Anguirus figure.

MIB - Minilla


Minilla: Minilla is Godzilla's and Jirass's son from their first marriage and Zilla's biological older half-brother. Despite being a child, Minilla is seen as being thick-headed, derpy, and not very bright. He is often the source of Godzilla belligerent and bitter treatment (even to the point of not wanting anyone to mention Minilla's existence), which he had harbored from his own father's identical treatment towards him as a child. Also much to Godzilla's frustration comes from Minilla's inability to shoot fire of any kind, only resulting in farting rather than being able to successfully blow any sort of Atomic attack. However during Monster X's assault on Monster Island, Minilla was able to impress Godzilla in battle enough for him to finally show his son some affection and respect. Later, when Jirass came to claim custody and force Godzilla to pay her child support, Godzilla told Rodan and Jet Jaguar that "the little tyke grew on me" fully solidifing his affection towards Minilla.

Despite Godzilla's initial poor parenting, Minilla is still a relatively innocent character and has no quarrel with any of the adult monsters on Monster Island. He is great friends with Anguirus and Mothra. Despite his goofy mannerisms, Minilla's intelligence is questionable as he know what intercourse (sex) is and has even built a robot to fight against Monster X's forces (the latter due in part to MechaGodzilla's assistance).

In Season 7, Minilla was revealed to be the Chosen One, and with his newfound abilities, kills Cloverfield by giving him "the kiss of death". He retained his original voice until Season 8, when he coughed to reveal his new, mature voice. He now serves as a strategist in the war against the Ghidorahs. He is portrayed by the 5" Bandai Final Wars Minilla figure (from the 8" line) initially, then by a 6" Bandai Movie Monster Series Godzilla 2014. For flashbacks, the Bandai Godzilla Collection Showa Minilla figure is used.

MIB - Zilla


Zilla: Zilla is Godzilla's stepson from his previous marriage and Minilla's biological younger half-brother. He is a stereotypical Englishman and has a thick British accent to show for it, and even referenced the Queen of England in this phrase: "Does the Queen drink royal tea?" which comes from his mother, Gorgo. Like Minilla, Godzilla found Zilla to be annoying and often tried avoiding him as well, but soon grew to love him after Zilla hit a growth spurt and for his newly acquired abilities.

He was seen very early in the series, in which he heavily resembled his father but was later sent away to live with Gorgo when Godzilla divorced her. When he returned, he had noticeably grown taller than Godzilla (and every other monster) as a result of the growth-spurt and had gained the ability to breathe fire too, but retained his English personality. During the events of Season 5, Zilla's self-esteem was badly hurt when Gojira rudely denounced him as part of Godzilla's family due to him not being blood-related. This mental damage ultimately cost Zilla his life during the Monster Island War, when he died after having a severe Asthma attack for recklessly participating on the battlefield (Zilla had disobeyed Doctor's Orders not to fight due to him having said-asthma.) Zilla was first portrayed by the 3" Gashapon "Jumping Shay" Godzilla figure and currently by the 14" Trendmasters Razor Bite Godzilla 1998 figure.

MIB - Gamera

Gamera (in his earlier appearances)

Gamera: Gamera is a highly religious monster and was once good friends with Godzilla when they went to college. However when Godzilla abandoned him when they got busted for carrying marijuana, Gamera was forced to take the blame and was expelled as a result. Gamera then started a career in movies and became very popular, rubbing it in Godzilla's face when they met again. In time however, Gamera's fame went to his head and was ultimately left broke and unpopular, forcing him into rehab. When he and Godzilla met again, he helped Godzilla with stopping his recently acquired drug-addiction and ultimately helped him in taking down the L.E.S.B.I.A.N.S.'s plans.

MIB - Gamera S7

Gamera (in Season 7)

Since then, Gamera's rivalry with Godzilla had watered down and the two have been on good terms, with Gamera now living with the Monster Island Buddies. At the end of Season 5 however, Gamera left after receiving nightmares about Cthulhu (originally he stated he was begrudged by Blundergosh's existence, claiming that he made him up) and was not seen again until Season 7 during in the Monster Island War, where he returned after taking a season-long absence, though he now works as a fruit peddler, and had plastic surgery. However after Baragon's death at the hands of Cloverfield, he returns to Monster Island to fight in the war. Gamera is portrayed by the 6" Bandai Showa Gamera figure, and later by the 6" Bandai Heisei Gamera 1999 figure.

MIB - Baragon


Baragon: Baragon is one of the monsters that lives with the Monster Island Buddies. He strives to be a professional actor. He was first seen as a lackey working for King Kong until he defected from him after King Caesar called him out for doing so. Since then he has done various odd-jobs for the other monsters, such as filing taxes, and has participated in their battles as well. Baragon also idolizes Ultraman, his childhood hero and his inspiration for being the actor he strives to be, but Ultraman did not reciprocate these feelings.

During the Monster Island War, Baragon was supposedly killed after he was attacked in an ambush by Cloverfield. However, it was later revealed that he faked his death so that he could move to Hollywood, where he abandoned his fighting status and lived out his dream of acting as the new Ultraman. Despite severing ties with the Monster Island Buddies though, Baragon remained on good terms with them by promising he would visit them from time to time. Despite his severance though, Baragon managed to make a short return to the Monster Island Buddies' services, initially to help Rodan and Mothra get married, but was also called in to help his friends fight back against Cthulhu during the apocalypse. Baragon is portrayed by the 6" Bandai Godzilla Collection Showa Baragon 1965 figure.

MIB - King Caesar

King Caesar

King Caesar: King Caesar is one of the monsters that lives with the Monster Island Buddies. He is assumed to be African American due to his noticeable accent and mannerisms. He is a talented rapper, being able to freestyle with ease, and is also a pimp. He is often seen hanging around with Godzilla and Baragon in most of his appearances, cracking jokes and playing games with them. While not seen in the earlier episodes, King Caesar started to appear after Godzilla returned back to Monster Island when King Kong tried to take over. Since then he has been seen mostly hitting on women or holding parties at his disco club. His catchphrase is "Aw shit", said in a slow, deep tone when something has gone wrong (or is about to). King Caesar is portrayed by the 6" Bandai Movie Monster Series King Caesar figure.

MIB - Battra


Battra: Battra is a malevolent yet egotistical monster. He has a very raspy voice and almost always speaks in 3rd person (replacing 1st person pronouns such as "I" and "Me" with "Battra"). Unlike his original Toho incarnation, Battra is not related to Mothra, but is still revealed to have a psychic bond with Mothra due to them being of the same species. His catchphrase is "Fear Battra!"

Mib adult battra

Adult Battra

Despite also being a divine moth like Mothra, Battra only wanted to be feared by everyone rather than help protect the Earth when he and Mothra were younger. Battra's desire to be feared ultimately caused him to become a Mercenary, where he was eventually hired by Keizer Ghidorah/Monster X. After the truce was made between the Monster Island Buddies and the Evil Monsters, Battra no longer appeared intimidating towards his fellow evil monsters, and eventually defacted from them out of frustration to reunite with Mothra and the Monster Island Buddies once the Truce was broken. Battra is portrayed by the 6" Bandai Godzilla Memorial Box (1995) Battra Larva figure as a Caterpillar and the 12" Bandai Godzilla Collection Adult Battra 1992 figure as an Adult.



M.O.G.U.E.R.A.: M.O.G.U.E.R.A. is a robot that first appeared in Season 5. She is female in the show, and is depicted as the love-interest of Jet Jaguar. Unlike the majority of other characters in the series, M.O.G.U.E.R.A. speaks with a synthetic, female-voice speech engine. As a running gag in her appearances, her dialogue ends with the phrase "Hello" after each sentence she says. She is also implied to be living in Miami, Florida since Jet Jaguar met her at a resort in said location.

Initially she was hired by Gojira to attack (and possibly kill) Jet Jaguar, but wound up falling in love with him instead. Desperate for money, however, she took the job, but apologized to Jet Jaguar for attacking him when they met again. Afterwards, she was seen dating Ultraman after they met in a bar, but returned to help Jet Jaguar fight against SpaceGodzilla in the Season 5 finale. Although she was damaged in this fight, she was later repaired with the help of Mechagodzilla and has since then fought alongside Jet Jaguar, rekindling their relationship. She has recently broken up with Jet Jaguar as she could not commit to a relationship yet, causing Jet Jaguar to become a complete wreck. M.O.G.U.E.R.A. is portrayed by the 6" Bandai M.O.G.U.E.R.A. figure.



Gorosaurus: Gorosarus is one of the monsters that lives with the Monster Island Buddies. He is not very bright and speaks with a generic-sounding mumbling voice. His catchphrase is yelling out "Look what happened!" whenever something negative happens, such as being punched in the face. Gorosaurus was also one of the original "Monster Island Buddies" along with Godzilla, Rodan, and Jet Jaguar (despite the trio never paying much attention to him.)

During the events of the 1st episode however, he was beaten up and kidnapped by King Kong, who made him his slave all while the other monsters remained oblivious to his disappearance. Gorosaurus continued to unhappily serve Kong on Skull Island until he was "rescued" by Godzilla (who had actually came to save Minilla). Gorosaurus was also responsible for (accidentally) starting the Monster Island War (as seen throughout Season 7) after he was tricked by King Kong into doing so. Since then, Gorosaurus was religated to being another secondary character. He is portrayed by the 8" Bandai Godzilla Collection Gorosaurus figure.

MIB - Kama & Kumo

Kamacuras (left), Kumonga (right)

Kamacuras and Kumonga: Kamacuras and Kumonga are two of the new recruits of the Monster Island Buddies during the Monster Island War. The two insect monsters are a parody of the classic duo akin to the likes of "Laurel and Hardy," or "Abbott and Costello." Both of them however seem out of touch with reality as they both joined the Monster Island Buddies under the impression that they were going to fight Nazis, and they (mostly Kumonga) constantly refer to Godzilla as Burt Reynolds.

While being recruited, Godzilla allowed Kamacuras and Kumonga to join for unknown reasons, possibly due to them being a duo. During their stay, Kamacuras and Kumonga (and the other new recruits) managed to successfully drive away an attack by Death Ghidorah and Orga. Since then though, the pair has been seen mostly bumbling around the Island and getting into arguments with one another, taking very little part in the War or Action. Eventually, both of them were killed by Gojira after he had been mutated by Cthulhu during the apocalypse. Kamacuras is portrayed by the 6" Bandai Godzilla Collection Kamacuras figure. Kumonga is portrayed by the 6" Y-MSF Kumonga figure.

MIB - Baby and Little

Little Godzilla (left) Baby Godzilla (right)

Baby Godzilla and Little Godzilla: Baby Godzilla and Little Godzilla are Godzilla's adopted sons. They were purchased at G-Fest XIX as a spiteful gift from Gamera (being begrudged by Godzilla's belief that "G-Fest" stands for "Godzilla Fest"). Not much is known about them except that they are very young, as their dialogue mostly consists of babbling and very few words. Much like his other children (at first), Godzilla generally considers them annoying and doesn't pay any attention to them, even moreso than Minilla and Zilla. Baby Godzilla is portrayed by the 6" Bandai Godzilla Collection Baby Godzilla figure and Little Godzilla is portrayed by the 5.5" Bandai Godzilla Collection Little Godzilla figure.


Cthulhu: Cthulhu is the DEVILof the Monsters, and is the main antagonist of Seasons 7 and 8 and overall the main antagonist big bad of the entire series. Being


the Devil of Monsters, Cthulhu lives in Monster Hell watching over the damned, and is the mortal enemy of Lord Blundergosh. He is usually accompanied by Destoroyah, who acts as his lackey since his death in Season 3. It is due to his existence that Gamera left the Monster Island Buddies to become a fruit peddler during the events prior to the Monster Island War, after receiving fearful visions of his eventual return.

Long ago, Cthulhu had plotted to escape from Monster Hell to bring about the Apocalypse to the Universe. In order to do so, he sought out Godzillasaurus (the pre-mutated form of Gojira) and made a deal with him to make him invincible, in exchange for his services as a demon in his army when he eventually dies. Godzillasaurus agreed and was mutated into Gojira as a result. After a series of events in which he attempted to eradicate all life on Earth in order to "save" everyone from Cthulhu's wrath, Gojira was eventually killed after Godzilla tricked Lord Blundergosh into taking his father to the afterlife instead of himself. Cthulhu's deal was done, and for years, the Devil of Monster fed of the souls of those who were lost in the Monster Island War, growing stronger until finally, he and his army were able to escape from Monster Hell to bring about the Apocalypse. However with the help of Godzilla, a gang of Godzillas whose timelines were erased (who were retrieved by the SpaceTime Pair of Ducks to aid Godzilla,) and all of the Good and Evil Monsters on Monster Island, their efforts managed to hold off Cthulhu's reign just long enough for Lord Blundergosh to sober up and banish his arch enemy back to Monster Hell once more, saving the world from damnation. Cthulhu is portrayed by the 8" SOTA Toys "Nightmares of Lovecraft" Cthulhu (black variant).

MIB - King Kong

King Kong

King Kong: King Kong is the main antagonist of Seasons 3 and 6. Despite being a Monster of Earth, King Kong is Godzilla's arch-enemy and spares no expense in trying to overthrow and/or even kill Godzilla in order to rule Monster Island himself. He is also underhanded and cruel to anyone who either stands in his way or is friends with Godzilla, so as to turn them against him. King Kong also kidnapped Gorosaurus (who was one of the original Monster Island Buddies) and held him prisoner for many years simply because he was friends with Godzilla.

He was first seen when Minilla caught him planning to take over Monster Island; he tried to eat Minilla, but was foiled by Anguirus. Later after Godzilla returned back to Monster Island, Kong learned of Godzilla and Mothra's affair and thus exposed this to Fire Rodan in hopes of having him kill Godzilla instead of having to do so himself. He later started a relationship with Jirass, only for their relationship to stagnate and fall apart after Jirass discovered his sexual impotence, even after buying Viagra from SpaceGodzilla. However it was later revealed that Kong only dated Jirass to once again plot a new plan to kill Godzilla and the Monster Island Buddies, which successfully caused an all out war. However, he is killed by Gorosaurus in his rage. His son Kong Jr then teamed up with Ultraman Belial to get Mechagodzilla‘s transdimensional portal machine, in order to bring his father back. King Kong is portrayed by the 6" Y-MSF 1967 King Kong figure.

MIB - Orga


Orga: Orga is one of the monsters that serves Keizer Ghidorah/Monster X. Despite his implied menacing appearance, Orga is a wise-cracking, sarcastic jokester and a snarker that frequently serves as a comic relief character. In most of Orga's appearances he breaks the fourth wall, mostly questioning the logic of the show for its supposed realism, as well as acknowledging (and joking about) several trends that are usually prevalent in the Godzilla series and fanbase, as well as several off-ball moments in the show. The other characters apparently do not understand what he is talking about, and tend to be confused or annoyed by it. He is also shown to have a ravenous eating disorder, and as a result is confirmed to be the show's fattest monster. He also has a review show where he reviews Kaiju media. Orga is portrayed by the 6" Bandai Battle Sound Orga figure.

MIB - Kiryu

Evil MechaGodzilla

Evil Kiryu Mechagodzilla: A second, evil Mechagodzilla was created by Monster X and Xilien as their servent after they salvaged the inoperable body of Mechagodzilla (after the latter had traveled through time during his fight with Mecha-King Ghidorah) and modified him into the Robot. Unlike the first Mechagodzilla, this one is loyal only to Kaiser Ghidorah and will follow any of his master's commands. He was finally killed by Jet Jaguar at Mothra and Rodan’s wedding.

In a possibly homage to the 74 Mechagodzilla, Keizer Ghidorah's Mechagodzilla can disguise himself as a "futuristic" Godzilla, which the robot uses to try and gain the trust of the true Godzilla and the Monster Island Buddies. He revealed his true nature after Jet Jaguar guessed it by pure luck (apparently comparing the situation to the film The Terminator). The Evil Mechagodzilla is portrayed by the 6" Bandai Movie Monster Series Kiryu (2005 release) figure and his Future Godzilla disguise is portrayed by the 6" Bandai Creation Final Wars Godzilla figure.

MIB - Gabara


Gabara: Gabara is known as (sic) the most annoying monster that lives on Monster Island. Despite not being a major threat, Gabara is portrayed as a cynical, mean-spirited bully, picking on the other monsters whenever he could or felt like it. Because of his attitude, he is a major nuisance to the Monster Island Buddies, even bigger than Gigan and Titanosaurus. His voice is very nasally and he possesses a very noticeable lisp. At times, he also brays like a donkey, "HYOUUUNGH" being his catchphrase.

Initially, he was hired by Gojira to attack Baragon and King Caesar and remains a hired goon for Gojira for whenever he was needed. After Gojira was dealt with by Godzilla, Gabara then befriended the Ghidorahs, solidifying his status as an Evil Monster. He is often seen picking on the other monsters like Godzilla and Minilla. He also delights in antagonizing King Caesar for defeating him when he was hired by Gojira to do so. Since then, Gabara, along with many members of L.E.S.B.I.A.N.S joined the Ghidorahs. Gabara is portrayed by the 6" Y-MSF Gabara 2 figure (closed-mouth variation).

MIB - Cloverfield


Cloverfield: Cloverfield, also known as "Clovy", was one of the new recruits of the Evil Monsters during the Monster Island War. He is very bloodthirsty and sadistic, always praising the Ghidorahs in his appearances. Cloverfield is also proven to be very powerful due to his size, able to kill Baragon with little effort, take on opposition from most of the Monster Island Buddies all at once, and only retreating from Gamera (and Godzilla) driving him off. During the events of Season 7's finale, Cloverfield attempted to kill the Monster Island Buddies, but was confronted by Minilla (who was revealed to be Monster Island's "Chosen One".) After a long a vicious battle, Cloverfield was finally killed when Minilla performed the "Kiss of Death" on him, severing his head off. He was then brought back from hell by Cthulhu as back up, during which he ate tiny Jet Jaguar, but this allowed Jet to go inside of him and attack his heart, killing him again. Cloverfield is portrayed by the 14" Electronic Cloverfield figure by Hasbro.

The Ghidorah Family

MIB - Ghidorah

King Ghidorah

King Ghidorah:

Main article: King Ghidorah (Monster Island Buddies)

MIB - Kaiser Ghidorah

Keizer Ghidorah

Keizer Ghidorah: Keizer Ghidorah, also seen as Monster X and more commonly known as simply "Keizer", is the father of King Ghidorah and the main antagonist of Seasons 4, 7, and 8. Keizer Ghidorah is a powerful member of the Ghidorah race whom have been at war with Mothra's race, the Divine Moths, since prehistoric times. Keizer Ghidorah loves his son greatly to the point of helping the Monster Island Buddies stop his killer (but only to avenge his own son). He first appeared in the series as Monster X, a dark and mysterious character whose agenda was unknown to the world until Rodan came to him to offer his services out of grief after accidentally killing Mothra. He is merciless and a very cunning monster in the series, but has been shown to have a lighter side too. He is a major fan of the series Seinfeld; in fact, his minions complain about spending more time watching it than getting on with any plans.

MIB - Monster X

Monster X

Long ago when the Monster Island Buddies were children, Keizer Ghidorah (still as Monster X) landed on Earth and brought King Ghidorah with him to help him take over the world. However when King Ghidorah was modified into Mecha-King Ghidorah by the L.E.S.B.I.A.N.S. and then killed, Monster X vowed vengeance and at the same time helped Godzilla, Fire Rodan, and Jet Jaguar in locating the L.E.S.B.I.A.N.S.' "leader", Destoroyah, in order to kill him. Afterwards, he confiscated one of Destoroyah's wings (per a request he made to Jet Jaguar) and used it to transform into Keizer Ghidorah after his true nature was revealed to the Monster Island Buddies. By Season 5 however, he was shown in a more comical light, having relationship issues with both his son and his own father Grand King Ghidorah, and being seen mostly bumming around with the other evil Monsters. During the Monster Island War however, Keizer Ghidorah has since then smartened up and returned to his more villainous roots, thanks in part to Grand King Ghidorah's return and the Truce being broken. During an ambush by the Ghidorahs and the Evil Monsters though, Keizer Ghidorah cornered Godzilla and was prepared to kill him with his Gravity Beams, but it was at that moment that Minilla's powers as the "Chosen One" awoke, and the tiny Monster saved his father by blasting Keizer with his own Atomic Ray, killing Keizer Ghidorah. He was brought back from hell by Cthulhu as back up, but when the alternate Godzilla’s came he was put in the time machine and as he was being sent through time Mechagodzilla set the machine on fire, causing it to explode while through time, leaving a piece of him in every period.

Monster X is portrayed by the 9" Bandai Movie Monster Series Monster X figure and Keizer Ghidorah is portrayed by the 10" Bandai Movie Monster Series Keizer Ghidorah figure.

Grand ghidorah

Grand King Ghidorah

Grand King Ghidorah: Grand King Ghidorah is Keizer Ghidorah's father, King Ghidorah's grandpa, and the main antagonist of Seasons 7 and 8. Being a Ghidorah, Grand King Ghidorah is just as (if not, more so) ruthless as the rest of his family and strongly stands by his destiny to rule over the Earth. He is also shown to be rather disapproving of Keizer's parenting skills, King Ghidorah's "ungrateful" upbringing, and the other remaining evil monsters for making a truce with the Divine Moths and the Monster Island Buddies. However, like the average elderly person, he possesses symptoms of Alzheimer's as he is often forgetful of his plans and becomes distracted at times.

Despite making his debut in Season 5, Grand King Ghidorah did not have a prominent role in the series until Season 6, where the Monster Island War was beginning, in which he took over as the supreme leader of the Ghidorahs as the evil Monsters. However once Keizer was killed and Ghidorah decided to stand up for himself and defact from the evil side, Grand Ghidorah betrayed his grandson and fatally wounded him so that he could dispose of the Monster Island Buddies. Before dying though, Ghidorah transferred what remained of his power to Mothra, transforming her into "Fire Mothra," and she killed Grand Ghidorah with her new powers, ending the War once and for all. He was brought back from hell by Cthulhu as back up, but was killed again by big daddy G. Grand King Ghidorah is portrayed by the 12" Bandai Grand Dragon King Ghidorah.

MIB - Death Ghidorah

Death Ghidorah

Death Ghidorah: Death Ghidorah is the first Ghidorah to have arrived on Earth, back in prehistoric times. He is portrayed as being sleepy, and when he is not snoozing, he speaks a mixture between an African-American accent and a child's voice in the style of the 1950s. He is rather mischievous and smart-mouthed, and has a habit of yelling "Zap zap zap zap!" when he uses his electric bolts.

According to Keizer Ghidorah, he had fought Mothra during that time and had been imprisoned for centuries until he was awakened by Keizer Ghidorah to help him and the evil monsters in taking over the world. Since being awoken, however, Death Ghidorah has only accompanied the Ghidorahs and "bad" monsters in bumming around. Once the Monster Island War commenced, Death Ghidorah took on a more villainous role, attacking the Monster Island Buddies on multiple occasions. However, each time he had fought them, he was always defeated and driven off until after one more loss during an ambush on Mothra and Rodan's wedding, Death Ghidorah finally gave up trying to take over the Earth and fled back to his home planet. Death Ghidorah is portrayed by the 7" Bandai Death Ghidorah figure.

MIB - Xilien


Xilien: Xilien, also known as "Alien X" and "shape-shifter" is the servant of Keizer Ghidorah. Xilien is very loyal to Keizer Ghidorah and will follow any command of his master's wishes. Somewhat like his original appearance, Xilien is a Shape-shifter, and thus he can take on the form of anyone he encounters up close.

While first being introduced as Monster X's servant, Xilien helped Godzilla, Fire Rodan, and Jet Jaguar in battling Destoroyah, but only because his master wanted revenge on Destoroyah for killing his son. Afterwards, he remained under his master's command in killing Godzilla. During the Finale of Season 4 however, Xilien was killed in action during the Evil Monsters' assault on the Monster Island Buddies. He would continue staying in Limbo until he managed to fool Lord Blundergosh by transforming into Destoroyah and bribing the God into bringing him back to life in order to kill Godzilla, only to once again return to Keizer Ghidorah's servitude. During the Monster Island War, Xilien disguised himself as Godzilla's recently-deceased step son Zilla, but was attacked by Godzilla's Children after an attempted sneak attack meant to kill Godzilla failed, and he was then killed by Mothra. Xilien is portrayed by the 6" Bandai Movie Monster Series Xilien figure.

L.E.S.B.I.A.N.S. (Large, Enormous, Sinister, Big, Intelligent And Nasty



Main article: Gojira (Monster Island Buddies)

MIB - Destoroyah


Destoroyah: Destoroyah is the Co-Leader of the L.E.S.B.I.A.N.S. and is the "main antagonist" of Season 2. Although unseen throughout his villainous run, Destoroyah is known to be incredibly sadistic and cruel. Although he stated that the intentions of the L.E.S.B.I.A.N.S. was to take over Monster Island, Destoroyah's true intentions were to destroy it (along with everything else on the planet) by any means necessary, even at the expense of the monsters that served him.

Destoroyah acts as the leader of the L.E.S.B.I.A.N.S. and uses them to capture the past incarnation of Godzilla to use him as a failsafe (in order to create a universal destructive Space-Time Paradox) should his original plan fail. As the L.E.S.B.I.A.N.S. fought with the Monster Island Buddies, Destoroyah had the cyborg parts of Mecha-King Ghidorah take over Ghidorah's body to reveal his true plan = using Mecha-King Ghidorah as a suicide bomber with a nuke that was built into his system to blow up Monster Island. After his plan was foiled by Rodan, the L.E.S.B.I.A.N.S. disbanded and Destoroyah went into hiding.

It wasn't until Season 3 that Destoroyah was finally seen when Monster X sent Xilien, Godzilla, Fire Rodan, Jet Jaguar and Godzilla to fight him and avenge his son's murder. After Destoroyah was defeated, Monster X was presented with one of Destoroyah's wings and used it to transform into his true form: Keizer Ghidorah. He was briefly seen in Limbo complaining about his missing wing, and later seen in Monster Hell, alongside Cthulhu.

When Cthulhu had risen, Destoroyah was one of his soldiers, being promised Florida. During the final battle he was killed again by the alternate Godzillas as since they were from another world he was not immune to their attacks.

As a running gag, whenever Destoroyah's name is said - by himself or other characters - it is done in a loud, rather pompous way ("DESTOROYAH!!"). Being very nasty and antisocial, Destoroyah often says "Fuck you!" to other characters. Destoroyah is portrayed by the 6" Bandai Destoroyah figure.

MIB - SpaceGodzilla


SpaceGodzilla: SpaceGodzilla is Godzilla's Half-Brother, Minilla's and Zilla's Uncle, and is one of Gojira's sons. He is also one of the many reoccuring villains to appear in the series, as well as one of the members of the L.E.S.B.I.A.N.S.. SpaceGodzilla is a drug-dealer who once made Godzilla catatonic for a day; he also got Godzilla addicted, leading to his temporary break-up with the other Monster Island Buddies. It was later revealed by Gojira that SpaceGodzilla is Godzilla's half-brother, born after Gojira "humped a space meteor".

SpaceGodzilla was summoned, along with several other villainous monsters from Godzilla's past, to kill him. Once the L.E.S.B.I.A.N.S. were no more and the truth of the operation was revealed, SpaceGodzilla would continue accompanying the evil monsters in vain attempts to kill Godzilla, with no major success. It is assumed that he has become the new leader due to him giving the orders the most. Once Gojira revealed himself, SpaceGodzilla accompanied his father and family in his newest evil plan, but is now back with the Ghidorahs and other evil monsters. SpaceGodzilla is portrayed by the 6" Bandai Creation SpaceGodzilla figure.

MIB - Gigan


Gigan: Gigan is a monster that is often seen among the Evil Monsters. Despite being aligned with the evil monsters however, Gigan is not entirely sure nor true to whoever's side he's on. Gigan wishes to be friends with everyone, but fails on the attempt, always referring to his catchphrases "You guys!" and "Am I right?" when around everyone else, much to their annoyance. He is often seen as rather nonthreatening and nerdy by everyone due to his clingy and misguided nature.

Mib general gigan

"Metal" Gigan

At first he appears to be an enamored fanboy to Godzilla's band, but was soon caught up with the L.E.S.B.I.A.N.S. due to him technically being an evil monster that Godzilla had defeated in battle. He was then sent to be a double agent to spy on the Monster Island Buddies until it was time for the L.E.S.B.I.A.N.S. to fight them, where he (remorsefully) defected from the Monster Island Buddies. Throughout the rest of the series after the L.E.S.B.I.A.N.S. were defeated, Gigan returned to being a semi-neutral, comic-relief, forever-alone fanboy conflicted by the waring sides, but now both sides distrust him due to his threadbare alligence with no one. By Season 6 though, Gigan is considered a bad monster again as he hangs out with the other bad monsters. Currently Gigan has been kicked out by the group by his friends, in which he and Jet Jaguar had a mutual understanding of how being kicked out of a relationship feels, causing them to hang out. Gigan is portrayed by the 6" Bandai Creation Showa Gigan figure and the 6" Bandai Movie Monster Series Final Wars Gigan figure.
MIB - Megalon


Megalon: Megalon is one of the many reoccuring villains to appear in the series, as well as one of the members of the L.E.S.B.I.A.N.S. Megalon has a rather deadpan or unenthusiastic-sounding personality and was (and persumeably still is) friends with Gigan until after they fought with Godzilla and Jet Jaguar. Afterwards, the two hadn't talked to each other in a long time for reasons unknown. Megalon appears to have an appreciation for "the great outdoors" due to its peaceful nature.

Sometime later Megalon was summoned, along with several other villainous monsters from Godzilla's past to kill him. Once the L.E.S.B.I.A.N.S. were no more after the truth of the operation was revealed, Megalon would continue accompanying the evil monsters in a vain attempt to kill Godzilla but with no major success. Megalon is portrayed by the 8" Bandai Godzilla Collection Megalon figure. Megalon acknowledges (angrily) that he cost $80 when he was bought on eBay, which is a jab at how some more vintage figures of monsters are more expensive than the easier to find ones such as the newest Bandai figures, which tends to annoy several Godzilla collectors.

MIB - Hedorah


Hedorah: Hedorah is one of the many reoccuring villains to appear in the series, as well as one of the members of the L.E.S.B.I.A.N.S. Hedorah's dialogue consists entirely of farting noises and is confirmed to be a female in the series. Hedorah was originally a hooker that lived and worked in Las Vegas until she joined the L.E.S.B.I.A.N.S.

Hedorah once had a secret relationship with King Ghidorah where they had paid sex on a weekly basis (behind Mothra's back) until she got married to Jet Jaguar. Afterwards the two got a divorce and Hedorah was summoned, along with several other villainous monsters from Godzilla's past, to kill him. Once the L.E.S.B.I.A.N.S. were no more after the truth of the operation was revealed, Hedorah would continue accompanying the evil monsters in vain attempts to kill Godzilla, but with no major success. Hedorah is portrayed by the 6" Bandai Creation Hedorah figure.

MIB - Earl


Earl: Earl was the last revealed member (as well as the only human member) of the L.E.S.B.I.A.N.S., Earl is a hipster and a nerd who built Mechagodzilla. Despite his non-threatening name and appearance, Earl has harbored a deep grudge against Godzilla for not fulfilling a promise he had made for him as a child, and it manifested into him building MechaGodzilla and joining the L.E.S.B.I.A.N.S.

However his role among the group was relatively minor in comparison to the other members and out of all of them (excluding Destoroyah), he was the only one killed when Titanosaurus ripped his head off. He later returned as a ghost to haunt the Monster Island Buddies due to his deep-routed grudge, but agreed to stop haunting them and to end his feud with Godzilla when the latter agreed to fulfill his promise from years before. He was last seen in Limbo, along with several other dead people (also from Godzilla's past). Earl is portrayed by the Accoutrements Fuzz (Hipster, Philosopher, & Cynic) figure.

Belial’s team

Ultraman Belial: Ultraman Belial is set to be one of the main antagonists of the post season 8 episodes. He got Kong Jr to work with him and the Ultra monsters, promising with that with the transdimen portal he would return Kong Sr. He is currently seemingly captured by Ultraseven.

Kong Jr: The son of Kong Sr, he was recruited by Belial, being promised if he helped getting the transdimensional portal he bring out a world there Kong Jr died and Kong Sr lived. Kong Jr then led the Ultra monsters to invade Mechagodzilla’s lab but was sent to the dimension where the servum live.


Zarab: Zarab is a shape shifting alien who disguised himself as King Caesar to get into Ultraman‘s team. He was discovered and fled. He later helped Kong Jr and the other Ultra monsters invade Mechagodzilla’s lab but Manda coiled around him putting him to sleep.


Baltan: Baltan was one of the Ultra monsters, he snuck up on Gorosaurus and mind controlled him to get into Mechagodzilla‘s lab. He later helped Kong Jr and the other Ultra monsters invade the lab but was defeated.


Gomora: Gomora is another one of the Ultra monsters. He helped Kong Jr and the Ultra monsters invade Mechagodzilla’s secret lab and fought Ultraman, losing his tail. He then confessed that they arent working for Kong, but they are working for Belial.



MIB - MechaGodzilla


MechaGodzilla: MechaGodzilla is a robot that lives with the Monster Island Buddies. Created by and according to Earl's design, MechaGodzilla is a hipster in most of his appearances as well as an avid inventor who works for the Monster Island Buddies from time to time. Some of his inventions include a Time Machine and other Giants Robots such as Mecha-King Ghidorah. Although he is on good terms with Godzilla and the others, MechaGodzilla's design also has an "evil" mode, which makes him both a target and a weapon for the L.E.S.B.I.A.N.S. and other evil monsters to use him against Godzilla and the others.

MIB - OG Mechagodzilla

MechaGodzilla's original body.

During the L.E.S.B.I.A.N.S. assult, MechaGodzilla was sent hurtling through time and space until he landed in prehistoric times, where he shut down and was eventually dug up by Xilien and Monster X in the present. As a result, his body (with the exception of his head) was rebuilt into an Evil MechaGodzilla that serves Kaiser Ghidorah. Rodan salvaged his head and took it back to Monster Island, where his main body was eventually rebuilt with the help of Minilla. MechaGodzilla has since joined Godzilla's side of the war. During the Monster Island War, MechaGodzilla's body was badly damaged, and as a result, his data had to be moved back to his original body that was built by Earl, revealing that his current body was just an upgrade. He has used his old body ever since.

He is currently working on transdimensional travel, in order to stop reality fractures, using an alternate version of himself as a lab assistant. When Kong Jr and the Ultra monsters came to steal the transdimensional portal, Mechagodzilla helped to stop them. MechaGodzilla is portrayed by the 6" Bandai Creation Heisei MechaGodzilla figure, and his original body is portrayed by the 8" Bandai Godzilla Collection Showa MechaGodzilla figure.

MIB - Titanosaurus


Titanosaurus: Titanosaurus is a neutral monster that is often seen among the Monster Island Buddies. Titanosaurus is a VERY mentally unhealthy monster that has an unnatural sex drive and is extremely horny. He speaks in a high-pitch voice and when he is not humping whatever he can get his claws on (which in most cases tend to be socks), he is usually throwing out incredibly ridiculous threats at anyone whenever he feels is the slightest bit of provocation from them. It was revealed in a fanmail question that Titanosaurus was once very intelligent (and had a British accent) until he got hit on the head with a Cooking Pot while speaking about classic literature with Aerith, which turned him into the borderline insane monster he is now.

Originally recruited by the L.E.S.B.I.A.N.S. to help them in their plan to "take over" Monster Island, Titanosaurus quickly proved to be a great nuisance to the group and just as quickly as appearing, got thrown out of the group after killing Earl in a unreasonable rage. Since then, Titanosaurus has been seen among the Monster Island Buddies humping whatever he wants. It's likely that the Monster Island Buddies ignore or avoid him due to this very short temper. During the apocalypse, Titanosaurus regained his intelligence after Cthulhu gave it to him so as to make him stop annoying him and his advent of Earth. With the time he had, he finally revealed his intelligence to the Monster Island Buddies, and was able to help them achieve the paradox. However, his intellect quickly disappeared once Cthulhu was banished back to hell. Titanosaurus is portrayed by the 6" Bandai Movie Monster Series Titanosaurus (2002 release) figure.

MIB - Biollante


Biollante: Biollante is Godzilla's half-sister, Minilla's and Zilla's Aunt, and the daughter of Gojira (born after he "humped a potted plant"). She is a master computer hacker and is revealed by Godzilla to be the one who gave Jet Jaguar his sentience as a child. She speaks with a very trendy female voice and, despite being an adult, acts like the average teenage girl, as she is very condescending and critical towards everyone around her.

Originally being Gojira's daughter, Biollante was once a part of the Evil Monsters, and had even attempted to stop the Monster Island Buddies from thwarting her father's plans. However once Gojira was killed, Biollante (and SpaceGodzilla) would join the Ghidorahs and the other evil monsters in attempting to kill Godzilla. During the Monster Island War however, Biollante would defact from the Evil Monsters upon meeting and starting a relationship with Varan, turning her neutral. They have been together ever since, even after the war ended. Biollante is portrayed by the 7" Bandai Godzilla Collection Biollante figure.

MIB - Varan


Varan: Varan is a Monster that appeared during the Monster Island War. He possesses a "Surfer" accent and is portrayed as a Pacifist and a Peace-loving Hippie, as well as the love-interest of Biollante. A running gag in the series that involves Varan is that several characters (mostly villainous,) often retort to saying "Unbelievable" in contempt whenever they see or hear Varan's peace-loving ways.

Prior to his appearance, Varan and Biollante had an Online Relationship for an unknown period of time. Upon Varan's actual appearance, Biollante was so enamored by Varan's pacifist ways that she defected from the Evil Monsters to spend more time with him. Varan and Biollante would then go on to protest the Monster Island War from continuing throughout Season 7, all while continuing their relationship. They have been together ever since, even after the war ended. Varan is portrayed by the 12" X-Plus "Standing" Varan figure.

MIB - Blundergosh

Lord Blundergosh

Lord Blundergosh: Lord Blundergosh is the GOD of the Monsters, and as such lives in Limbo, watching over the deceased. In accordance to Gamera's description of him, Lord Blundergosh has 7 eyes (3 on his face, 2 protruding from his head, and 2 on his chest,) and a "Ginger"-Red beard of judgement. Gamera was a worshiper of Lord Blundergosh and tried to convert Godzilla while they were roommates. However, he later claimed he made the god up and was confused when Godzilla revealed how he had actually met him, making Blundergosh's existence entirely coincidental.

When Godzilla died and ended up in Limbo, he and King Ghidorah challenged Lord Blundergosh to a game of Beer Pong and won. Lord Blundergosh then allowed Godzilla and King Ghidorah to come back to life. However, fearing that the other gods would be angry at him for allowing dead monsters to return to life, he is goaded by Destoroyah into reviving him in order to hunt them down and kill them, which his allows (unaware that Destoroyah is Xilien in disguise). Eventually after realizing he had been tricked, the God of Monsters went back on his deal and decided to take Godzilla back to afterlife after all, only to be tricked by Godzilla into taking Gojira back instead. Since then, Lord Blundergosh would continue his alcohol addiction to the point where it became a nuisance to the other Gods in the afterlife. However during the apocalypse, the god of monsters managed to sober up just long enough to banish his arch enemy, Cthulhu back to Monster Hell, saving the world from damnation. Lord Blundergosh was created as a customizable puppet from a "Melissa and Doug" puppet kit.

MIB - Jirass


Jirass: Jirass is Godzilla's (divorced) wife from his first marriage and Minilla's mother. Much like how Godzilla shares with her, Jirass has some bad blood with her spouse and seems to care very little about Minilla, willing to let him be tradeed back-and-forth with Godzilla in order to get Child Support. Jirass is also a Gold Digger, caring more for money rather than anyone else, even Minilla. Despite her antagonistic traits however, Jirass still cares somewhat for her son and will attack any monster that endangers Minilla, even her ex-boyfriends.

Prior to events in the series, Jirass once had a relationship with Gorosaurus before Godzilla had a one night stand with her, during which he contracted 3 types of herpes, and conceived Minilla. At the start of Season 6 after taking Minilla with her, Jirass started a relationship with King Kong, which didn't work out well due to Kong's sexual impotence and finally ended once King Kong's true intentions were revealed and Minilla's life was put in danger. During the Monster Island War, Jirass attempted to reconcile with Godzilla, but doing so only gave mixed results. Ultimately during the apocalypse, she was accidentally stranded in the past after being left behind by Godzilla during the nuclear tests that turned Godzillasaurus into Gojira. Shortly afterwards, both monsters proceeded to have sex, revealing that she is Godzilla mother as well. Jirass is portrayed by the 6" Bandai Ultra Monster Series Jirass figure.

MIB - Ultraman


Ultraman: Ultraman is a celebrity actor and the star of his very own TV series. Much like the average celebrity, Ultraman is portrayed as being stuck-up, cocky, condescending, and short of patience, even with his fans. Baragon looked up to Ultraman as his hero and inspiration to being an actor until he discovered Ultraman's true nature at an autograph signing. Afterwards he was seen dating M.O.G.U.E.R.A. after his plane was delayed and he temporarily lived with her until they broke up after M.O.G.U.E.R.A. helped Jet Jaguar fight SpaceGodzilla.

Afterwards, Ultraman had been relegated to being a background character, using seen on Monster Island bumming around. During the Monster Island War however, Ultraman defected from Monster Island upon learning that they didn't have a decent dental plan and he aligned with the Evil Monsters, revealing to them of the Monster Island Buddies's location. Ultraman's scheme was thwarted however when he was killed by the combined might of Godzilla and Gamera's breath weapons "crossing the streams."

Afterwards Ultraman was brought back to life by the Ultra warriors, and sent back to earth with a Pigmon to prove himself as an Ultra warrior. To do this he formed a super hero team called Ultra Baka (which is Japanese for "idiot") consisting of Godzilla, Rodan, Gorosaurus and Manda. A Zarab in the form of King Caesar was discovered, causing for the team to move out. They went to the club for a drink to be relaxed, to which Ultraseven was there as well, being sent to find Belial causing Ultraman to become jealous. Gorosaurus was soon mind controlled by a Baltan Alien so they could infiltrate Mechgodzilla’s secret lab, the Baltan was soon discovered and escaped, causing the team to be ready for the upcoming attack.

Soon the Ultra monsters led by Kong Jr came to the lab, Ultraman then learned that Belial was behind it all causing him to get excited, only to see that Ultraseven had already captured Belial, sending him into a temper tantrum.

Ultraman is portrayed by the 6" Bandai Ultraman figure from the Ultra Hero Series line.

MIB - Gipsy Danger

Gipsy Danger

Gipsy Danger: Gipsy Danger was one of the new recruits of the Monster Island Buddies during the Monster Island War. He is a member of the Marines, and as a soldier, he is highly disciplined and takes orders without any trouble at all (in a militaristic manner as well.) He is also confirmed to be a Robot as he had accompanied Jet-Jaguar and the other robots on missions. Unknown to the Monster Island Buddies however, Gipsy Danger is actually a Double-Agent, who had attempted to joined them as a means of killing them and the Evil Monsters

While being recruited, Godzilla allowed Gipsy Danger to join as he was impressed by his disciplined nature, and having the least amount of trouble introducing himself. During his stay, Gipsy Danger (and the other new recruits managed to successfully drive away an attack by Death Ghidorah and Orga. Once a detail about the War known as "Project Payday" was revealed however, Gipsy Danger's true colors came into view and he desperately Self-Destructed while praising the U.S.A. and Project Payday. Gipsy Danger is portrayed by the 7" NECA Battle-Damaged Gipsy Danger (Series 2) figure. He is guest-voiced by YouTube User and fellow Godzilla Fan, Deadzilla.

MIB - Mr Stay Puft

Mr. Stay Puft

Mr. Stay Puft: Mr. Stay Puft, also known as the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, was one of the new recruits of the Monster Island Buddies during the Monster Island War. He is a pesimist who has low self-esteem and constantly complains. He also appears to be in denial of his weight, which the other monsters make fun of him for. Many of Mr. Stay Puft's mannerism are based off of the Homestar Runner character "Strong Sad."

While being recruited, Godzilla allowed Mr. Stay Puft to join as he was amused by his marshmallowy body structure, (and how ticklish he was.) During his stay, Mr. Stay Puft (and the other new recruits managed to successfully drive away an attack by Death Ghidorah and Orga. During another attack however, Mr. Stay Puft (and Ultraman) were killed when Godzilla and Gamera drove away Clover when their beams "crossed the streams," and struck Clover, Ultraman, and Mr. Stay Puft, melting the latter. Mr. Stay Puft is portrayed by the 6.75" Stay Puft Marshmallow Man 1984 figure by Kenner. He is guest-voiced by YouTube User and fellow Godzilla Fan, Goji73.

MIB - Mr Fantastic

Mr. Fantastic

Mr. Fantastic: Mr. Fantastic, also known by his true name, Reed Richards is the leader of the Fantastic Four who appeared in Season 2 to help Godzilla after he accidentally created a SpaceTime Paradox. Afterwards (persumably picking back up on his superhero work with the Fantastic Four) he was relegated to being a part-time doctor for the Monster Island Buddies and was the one that warned Godzilla that he would die of a Meltdown.

During that time, he was murdered by Evil Mechagodzilla after the latter had disguised himself as a future incarnation of Godzilla. He was last seen in Limbo along with several other dead people (also from Godzilla's past). Mr. Fantastic is portrayed by the Toy Biz Marvel Super Heroes Mr. Fantastic figure.

Mib mechanikong


Mechani-Kong: Mechani-Kong is King Kong's personal Robot. For a long time, Mechani-Kong was mute, stotic, and emotionless, and would beat up anyone that disobeyed Kong's orders. Once the war started and King Kong was killed, Jet Jaguar and some of the other Monster Island robots were able to repair and reprogram Mechani-Kong (after it was last seen being beaten by Minilla) to fight on their side. After gaining some sentience, it then joined a band that was formed by Gorosaurs and Gigan to compete with Godzilla, Rodan, and Jet Jaguar's band in "The Battle of the Bands." When the Monster Island Buddies ruined their band's performance, Mechani-Kong revealed that it can talk (in a very high-pitch voice) as it angrily threw Rodan into the audience and helped its band mates beat up Jet-Jaguar. Afterwards, Mechani-Kong's band resumed their performance and came out victorious. Eventually once Cthulhu appeared on earth, Mechani-Kong was killed by M.O.G.U.E.R.A. (by accident) while she was killing a demon that got inside the robot. Mechani-Kong is portrayed by the 8" Bandai Godzilla Collection Mechani-Kong figure.

MIB - Megaguirus


Megaguirus: Megaguirus is a female monster from Rodan's past. Not much is known about her except that she was Rodan's old flame who had helped Rodan lose his virginity before he met Mothra (he later learns, to his fury, that King Ghidorah also slept with her at least once). She is very horny and hyper-active since when she speaks, her words are very fast-paced. Also despite being female, Megaguirus has a very clear male voice. She briefly appeared among the Ghidorahs' forces in the post-apocalyptic future (before it was averted,) implying that she might be evil. Megaguirus is portrayed by the 6" Theater Exclusive Bandai Toho Kaiju Series Megaguirus figure.

Space Time Pair of Ducks

Space Time Pair of Ducks

Space Time Pair of Ducks: The Space Time Pair of Ducks are a pair of omnipotent beings in the series. At first interpreted as a major SpaceTime Paradox by Mr. Fantastic (which Godzilla continuously and semi-erroneously referred to as "Pair of Ducks,") the ducks came to the present when three Godzillas appeared simultaneously while the L.E.S.B.I.A.N.S. were attacking Monster Island. Originally bent on destroying all of time and space as per their duties to do so, their mission was aborted when Godzilla's past self returned to his timeline, thus the Duck took their leave. Since then, they have made few sporadic appearances throughout the show. Later during the apocalypse, the ducks returned to revive and restore Godzilla's erased timeline after learning of Cthulhu's return. Later, they assisted Godzilla by providing him with multiple incarnations of the monster king to fight back against Cthulhu until Lord Blundergosh could sober up and take responsible for the devil's actions. They are represented by an MSPaint drawing of ducks.


Throughout the series, a few minor characters have appeared in the show as well, but were not fully developed as the main cast, mostly likely as joke-characters or lack of time.

MIB - Ebirah


Ebirah: Ebirah was Gabara's friend and was often seen being ordered around by him. Despite being friends though, Ebirah is shown to be very stubborn and always refuses to comply to Gabara's wishes after being told the first two times before complying after being ordered a 3rd time. Ebirah is portrayed by the 6" Y-MSF Ebirah figure (straight tail version).

MIB - Manda


Manda: Manda was a monster that would appear sporadically as a minor character. True to his serpentine appearance, Manda speaks in Snake-Talk and has a lisp, like Gabara. Manda was usually seen working multiple odd-jobs, such as being a waiter and a staff member during the Battle of the Bands. However, he did accompany Godzilla and all of the other monsters in their last stand against Cthulhu during the apocalypse, using the excuse that he and Godzilla worked together in Destroy All Monsters. Manda is portrayed by the 6" Y-MSF Manda figure.


M.U.T.O.: M.U.T.O. was a monster that would appear sporadically, usually as a joke-character. M.U.T.O. was a monster that was added due to fan requests to have the character added to the show to coincide the release of the 2014 film by Legendary Pictures. Once he made his debut, M.U.T.O. was perturbed to be relegated to a cameo appearance and he left the Monster Island Buddies to deal with the Ghidorahs when they attacked Rodan and Mothra's Wedding. M.U.T.O. is portrayed by the 6" Bandai Male M.U.T.O. figure.
MIB - Gargantuas

The Gargantuas, Sanda and Gaira

The Gargantuas: The Gargantuas, Gaira and Sanda are both monsters that would appear sporadically as minor characters. During their time, Gaira never spoke, thus leaving his personality unknown. Sanda however is shown to be overly sensitive, as seen when he was easily offended by an accidental insult Gigan made to him while they were playing Video Games. Gaira and Sanda are both portrayed by the 6" Y-MSF Gaira and Sanda (both Type-A) figures.
MIB - Red King

Red King

Red King: Red King was a monster that would appear towards the end of the series. He first appeared as a film director during Baragon's tenure as the new Ultraman, then later on as a staff member during the Battle of the Bands, both of which he was beat up by Godzilla and his Buddies during a conflict. It's also interesting to note that he is the only monster from the Ultra Series to make a notable role in the show (the other being Gomess, who was an actor). Red King is portrayed by the 5" Bandai Red King Spark Doll.


Story Arc Episodes

Season 1

# Title Episode Length Summary
1 Rodan Loves Mothra 1:30 Rodan decides to ask out Mothra on a date, only to learn that she's dating King Ghidorah.
2 Monster Hoarders 1:18 The Monster Island Buddies parody the series, "Hoarders" when Rodan takes his new collecting hobby a little too far.
3 Christmas Shmishmas 1:34 The Monster Island Buddies sing Christmas Carols while Rodan tries to score with Mothra again.
4 Godzilla P.I. 1:14 Godzilla becomes a detective to solve a case for Mothra when her egg goes missing.
5 Making the Band 1:19 Godzilla, Rodan, and Jet Jaguar start a band, and Gigan wants to join it.
6 Movie Night 1:26 The Monster Island Buddies go to see a movie, only for Godzilla to be shocked at who the star of it is.
7 Bar Crawl 1:27 Godzilla and Rodan get drunk at a bar and run into Godzilla's rival, Gamera.
8 Jet Jaguar in Vegas 2:40 Jet Jaguar goes to visit Las Vegas for a vacation.
9 College Daze 1:22 Godzilla and Gamera's past is explored and how their rivalry was created after an incident that took place in college.
10 Drama Monsters 2:40 Godzilla and Rodan try to expose Ghidorah for cheating on Mothra, only for everyone to learn of an even darker secret about Ghidorah.
11 Monsters in Training 2:05 After King Ghidorah challenges them to a fight to the death (from the previous episode,) Godzilla and Rodan try to get in shape for their upcoming fight, with mixed results.
12 A Major Character Dies 2:20 Jet Jaguar is dismembered by King Ghidorah in the hopes of not being able to fight against him when the time comes.
13 Godzilla vs King Ghidorah 4:02 The climactic battle between Godzilla, Rodan, and King Ghidorah finally commences.

Season 2

# Title Episode Length Summary
14 Godzilla Must Die 2:53 Many of Godzilla's Past Enemies band together to form an evil alliance known as "The L.E.S.B.I.A.N.S."
15 Monsters in the Morning 2:32 After defeating King Ghidorah, Godzilla become a celebrity, but is in for a rude surprise.
16 Easter Egg Hunt 1:49 Minilla and Anguirus go on an Easter Egg hunt.
17 Godzilla vs Rodan 3:16 Godzilla and Rodan get into a fight after Godzilla's recent drug addiction starts changing him for the worse.
18 Operation Paradox 2:21 When both Godzillas go to the bar to get drunk, Godzilla's past self gets captured by the L.E.S.B.I.A.N.S.
19 The Clock is Ticking 3:10 Godzilla learns about what has happened to his past self and what's worse to come from the surprise appearance of Mr. Fantastic.
20 Beach Party 2:01 The Monster Island Buddies go to the beach for a fun-filled day.
21 Titanosaurus 2:15 The L.E.S.B.I.A.N.S. recruit a new monster, Titanosaurus.
22 Godzilla vs Poverty 2:22 Because of his uncontrollable drug addiction, Godzilla's fame and life have been ruined, and the only person willing to help him is Gamera...
23 Monster Roomates 3:02 Godzilla takes his first steps towards rehabilitation, thanks to the help of Gamera.
24 Battle for Monster Island 2:37 The Monster Island Buddies are attacked by the L.E.S.B.I.A.N.S. and their newest weapon, Mecha-King Ghidorah!
25 Godzillas vs MechaGodzilla 4:42 After learning about the whereabouts of the L.E.S.B.I.A.N.S.'s HQ, Godzilla and Gamera go to save Godzilla's past self, but they must first confront a brainwashed MechaGodzilla.
26 Final Wars 6:13 A final stand is made between the Monster Island Buddies and the L.E.S.B.I.A.N.S.

Season 3

# Title Episode Length Summary
27 Jet Jaguar vs Megalon 2:19 Jet Jaguar begins a manhunt to avenge Rodan's sacrifice, starting with Megalon.
28 Godzilla & The Avengers 3:47 Feeling guilty for what happened to Rodan, Godzilla leaves Monster Island and joins the Avengers.
29 Minilla's Video Camera 2:09 Minilla and Anguirus play around with a video camera they found, unintentionally getting wind of a sinister plan being made by King Kong.
30 Teenage Mutant Ninja Godzilla 3:28 Godzilla has now joined the Ninja Turtles and catches up with Jet Jaguar on his manhunt.
31 Monster X 3:56 Jet Jaguar meets Xilien and Monster X and learns the truth behind Rodan's murderer and who the leader of the L.E.S.B.I.A.N.S. was.
32 Godzilla Returns 2:59 After his recent failure working for Batman, Godzilla decides to return back to Monster Island, unaware that it is under attack by King Kong.
33 Halloween 3:06 The Monster Island Buddies are haunted by Giant Nutcrackers and a ghost from Godzilla's past.
34 Talent Show 2:24 The Monster Island Buddies put on a Talent Show. Meanwhile, Godzilla and Mothra get to know one another.
35 Fire Power 2:41 Rodan returns as Fire Rodan to rescue Jet Jaguar and Xilien from the rogue evil monsters.
36 Lost in Time 2:41 The aftermath of MechaGodzilla's encounter with Mecha-King Ghidorah in the Season 2 finale is recounted in this episode.
37 Godzilla vs Destoroyah 3:07 Godzilla, Fire Rodan, Jet Jaguar, and Xilien find and battle with the leader of the L.E.S.B.I.A.N.S. = Destoroyah
38 Secret Santa 3:13 The Monster Island Buddies celebrate Christmas by playing "Secret Santa." Meanwhile, Minilla visits Disney's Magic Castle in Florida as a Christmas gift from Godzilla.
39 Godzilla vs The World 2:15 Godzilla and Fire Rodan must stand up to the irate Superheroes that Godzilla angered in his odd-job superhero work.
40 Godzilla vs Fire Rodan 5:35 Fire Rodan learns of an affair Godzilla and Mothra had from a vengeful King Kong and is enraged. Meanwhile, Monster X's true colors come into view.

Season 4

# Title Episode Length Summary
41 Toy Reviews 3:37 As an April Fools Joke, MonsterIslandBuddies (the user) parodies toy reviews, a trend that many Godzilla fans do on YouTube.
42 Godzilla is Dying 2:47 Godzilla learns that he is dying of a meltdown after his battle against Fire Rodan and refuses to believe it.
43 Sons of Godzilla 2:01 Accepting the fact that he is dying, Godzilla tries to teach Minilla how to breath fire.
44 Orga 2:27 Realizing that Mothra has laid an egg before dying, Monster X sends Orga to destroy it.
45 Monster Island Babies 2:09 Godzilla, Rodan, Jet Jaguar, and King Ghidorah's childhood are visited in this special episode.
46 Rebirth of Mothra 2:11 Rodan and Zilla must protect Mothra's Egg from Orga and Battra.
47 Monsters in the Afternoon 3:09 Learning where Rodan learned of his affair with Mothra from, Godzilla confronts King Kong on Live TV for a rematch.
48 G-FEST 3:36 Godzilla and Gamera go to G-FEST XIX in Chicago, Illinois.
49 King Caesar Rap 2:06 King Caesar reveals a rap song that he wrote, feat. Rodan
50 The Death of Godzilla 13:13 Godzilla and all of the Monster Island Buddies face off against Monster X and all of the evil monsters in a final showdown to determine who will rule Monster Island.

Season 5

# Title Episode Length Summary
51 The Ghidorah Family 3:28 Keizer Ghidorah releases Death Ghidorah from his imprisonment to help him in ruling the World.
52 Jet Jaguar on Holiday 4:37 Jet Jaguar goes on a vacation when he feels lonely on Monster Island, where he meets M.O.G.U.E.R.A.
53 Fire Rodan Returns 3:39 When King Ghidorah returns from the dead, he tries to hook back up with Mothra. Rodan however will not let that happen again.
54 Ultraman 3:23 Baragon meets his hero, Ultraman. However he and King Caesar find out he's not as nice as he appears to be.
55 Christmas Specials 3:46 The series's 3rd annual Christmas Special. The Monster Island Buddies (minus Godzilla) and the Evil Monsters parody several famous Christmas specials and other Christmas commercialism.
56 Beer Pong 4:29 Godzilla and King Ghidorah challenge Lord Blundergosh, God of the Monsters, and Destoroyah to a game of Beer Pong, with the prize being Godzilla and King Ghidorah's resurrection.
57 Godzilla's Alive 3:43 Godzilla comes back to life, however he is not given a warm greetings by his friends after learning that he is being framed.
58 Daddy Issues 5:32 Godzilla reveals his past life living with his father Gojira, after the latter reveals his master plan to him upon meeting in a bar.
59 Snow Day 3:45 Minilla and Anguirus decide to play in the snow, but Gabara is out to ruin their fun.
60 Jet Jaguar Meets Ultraman 3:59 Jet Jaguar prepares to settle the score with M.O.G.U.E.R.A. after her betrayal, only for him and Baragon to find out that she's now dating Ultraman.
61 All Secrets Revealed! 3:26 When the tail on his Godzilla toy "breaks" off, MonsterIslandBuddies scrabbles to write him off the show, only for more accidents to take place on set.
62 The Godzilla Family 4:20 Godzilla introduces his children to Gojira, only for the latter to reveal Godzilla's siblings as part of his plan.
63 The Truce 7:19 Mothra and King Ghidorah confront Keizer Ghidorah to form a truce between their two races.
64 The Big Party 11:33 The Monster Island Buddies and the Evil Monsters throw a party in honor of the Truce between Mothra and the Ghidorahs. Godzilla, Rodan, and Jet Jaguar confront Gojira's family to stop them from sabotaging the Truce.

Season 6

# Title Episode Length Summary
65 The Monster Island Buddies 4:27 The past lives of the Monster Island Buddies is visited, revealing they were once a group of four monsters, along with Gorosaurus.
66 Not Without My Minilla 4:03 When Jirass shows up to take Minilla away, Godzilla vows that he will get him back.
67 The Backwards Episode 3:44 An episode told entirely in reverse shows the troubled relationship of King Kong and Jirass.
68 A Rodan Christmas Carol 5:15 The Monster Island Buddies re-enact Charles Dickens's classic story, "A Christmas Carol", with Rodan as Ebenezer Scrooge and Godzilla as the Christmas Ghosts.
69 Escape From Skull Island 4:53 Godzilla goes off to rescue Minilla (and Gorosaurus) from King Kong and Jirass.
70 Bad Monsters 4:15 A day in the life of the Evil Monsters is seen now that the Truce has been made.
71 The Future 5:21 A year into the future, the truce has been broken and Monster Island has become a post-apocalyptic wasteland where most of Godzilla's friends are either dead or captured. Only Godzilla from this future can save them by traveling back to the past.
72 Back to the Past 5:42 Future Godzilla travels back to the past to find the suspect monster who broke the truce.
73 General Gigan 4:57 Future Gigan travels back to the past to stop Future Godzilla from saving the future. Meanwhile, the Evil Monsters of the present help Gigan build his self-esteem.
74 Official Movie Trailer 2:09 MonsterIslandBuddies announces that he plans to redo the entire series, but this time done via Stop Animation (Titanosaurus reveals in the last few seconds of the video that it was an April fool's joke).
75 Monster Island War 9:58 As a final resort to getting back at Godzilla, King Kong tricks Gorosaurus into breaking the truce. The Ghidorahs and the Evil Monsters thus declare war on the Monster Island Buddies.

Season 7



Episode Length


76 The New Recruits 5:37 Godzilla's newest recruits - Kamacuras, Kumonga, Gipsy Danger and the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man - arrive on Monster Island to prepare for the War.
77 Gamera Returns 4:54 King Caesar and Baragon try to recruit Gamera onto their side, but Gamera refuses to return out of paranoia. Things get worse when a new monster recruited by the Ghidorahs appears - Cloverfield.
78 Minilla 5:49 Minilla's life growing up with Godzilla and Jirass, and how he became friends with Anguirus is visited in this special episode.
79 Robot Wars 5:11 Jet-Jaguar assembles an army of robots to attack the Evil Monsters, but first they must survive each other when Biollante hacks their systems.
80 Mechagodzilla's Body 5:36 In order to save Mechagodzilla, Jet-Jaguar and the other robots must transfer his data into a "new" body. Meanwhile, Gipsy Danger reveals some startling information.
81 The Call of Cthulhu 8:12 Gamera receives visions of the Devil of the Monsters, Cthulhu, who reveals that he shall rise from hell during the War. Meanwhile, Ultraman defects from Monster Island and reveals their location to the Evil Monsters.
82 The 12 Godzillas of Christmas 3:29 The series's 5th annual Christmas Special. The Monster Island Buddies sing about what Godzilla gave them for Christmas, all while singing in tune with the famous Christmas Carol, "The 12 Days of Christmas."
83 Let's Get Physical 6:50 The Monster Island Buddies have their physical exams to prepare for the War. Meanwhile, Rodan finally admits his true feelings to Mothra.
84 Drunk Ep. 84 4:46 The series's 4th annual April Fools Day Special. MonsterIslandBuddies creates an episode about a Jamacian Tickle-Me-Elmo, Rodan and Zilla dying, and Gabara getting drunk while being drunk himself.
85 Our Boys at War 5:45 An episode told in an old war-time documentary shows the current events going on in the Monster Island War. Suddenly, Godzilla suffers a crippling loss in his family and begins to doubt himself as the Chosen One to end the War.
86 Surprise Attack 5:05 When Godzilla is ambushed by Xilien (who masquerades as Zilla) in a surprise attack, it's up to his kids and Anguirus to hold off Xilien until help arrives. Meanwhile, Minilla develops an unusual stomachache.
87 The Chosen One 5:40 The Monster Island Buddies are kidnapped by the Evil Monsters in another attack, leaving a weakened Godzilla alone to defend himself against an irate Keizer Ghidorah. Now it's up to the Chosen One to save Godzilla and everyone else from being killed.
88 Anguirus 7:34 The Story of Anguirus, and how his actions effected a mass majority of the events in the entire series is revealed in this special episode.
89 Prisoners of War 13:53 With the Payday Bomb launched, and all of their friends captured by the Evil Monsters and in danger of being killed, Godzilla, Anguirus, and the newly transformed Minilla stage a rescue for the Monster Island Buddies, but first they must stand up to Cloverfield.

Season 8

# Title Episode Length Summary
90 Godzilla Saves Christmas 4:41 The series's 6th annual Christmas Special. After Godzilla accidentally attacks Santa Claus on Christmas Eve, he, Rodan, and Jet-Jaguar must go deliver the rest of Santa's presents before the night's over.
91 Hurray for Hollywood 5:50 When Godzilla, Rodan, and Jet-Jaguar find out that Baragon is alive and well doing his dream job as a professional actor (despite having been murdered by Cloverfield,) the Monster Island Buddies travel down to Hollywood to get some answers from him.
92 Rodan's Bachelor Party 5:52 Having finally admitted his true feelings to her, Rodan proposes to Mothra and is ecstatic when she accepts. To celebrate, he, Godzilla, and Jet-Jaguar throw a Bachelor Party in his honor.
93 League Night 5:26 The series's 5th annual April Fools Day Special. When MonsterIslandBuddies notices that the series is receiving criticism for not possessing as much comedy now as when it began, he decides to oblige by disregarding all the show's current complex storytelling and character development for his older, sillier style as seen in Season 1.
94 The Battle of the Bands 5:55 "The Battle of the Bands" finally comes and Godzilla, Rodan, and Jet-Jaguar are prepared to finally play, only to have their thunder stolen by another band, consisting of Gorosaurus, Gigan, and Mechani-Kong.
95 A Clip Show Episode? Booo! 13:21 After eating a jar of Peanut Butter (from the last episode) Godzilla goes into critical condition and falls into a coma. While Godzilla's life hangs from a thread, his friends reminisce of the times they've had together with him. Meanwhile, Godzilla receives a dire warning from Gojira while he is in limbo.
96 Rodan Marries Mothra 5:53 Rodan and Mothra's Wedding finally takes place, however it is soon interrupted by the Ghidorahs, who stage one final attack on the Monster Island Buddies.
97 The End of the World 5:29 Cthulhu, Destoroyah, and Gojira finally return from Monster Hell to unleash the forces of Hell onto the Earth. The Monster Island Buddies prepare for the one last plan that can save the planet, while Cthulhu mutates Gojira even further to find and destroy the Monster Island Buddies.
98 Resurgence 7:30 Godzilla and Jirass are sent back in time to stop Gojira from selling his soul to Cthulhu, while the demonic mutation of Godzilla's father attacks the Monster Island Buddies and the reformed L.E.S.B.I.A.N.S. in the present.
99 Godzilla vs Time 6:06 After procuring another time machine from Gamera and the now-intelligent Titanosaurus, Godzilla, Rodan, and Jet-Jaguar travel back to the series' first episode's to cause the paradox.
100 World War G 23:14 The Series Finale. After successfully pulling off the paradox, Godzilla and his Friends are brought back to life by the SpaceTime Pair of Ducks. With one more opportunity to fight back, Godzilla and every good and bad monster on Monster Island face their greatest battle ever against Cthulhu and his army of revived monsters and demons. Little does the King of the Monsters know that Monster Island isn't the only place where he'll find backup...

Post-Arc Yearly Episodes


# Title Episode Length Summary
101 Aporkalypse 2017 3:43 "Aporkalypse," a giant Pork Barbecue event is about to take place, and Godzilla, Rodan, and Jet-Jaguar are eager to partake in the event. However, it is later revealed that "Aporkalypse" is actually a Cook-Out being held by Gorosaurus, Gigan, and Mechani-Kong, and the Monster Island Buddies are uninvited guests...
102 Date Night 6:23 Godzilla begins dating Space Gyaos and he attempts to impress her by shedding his former cynical outlook on life by flirting with her. But just how long can he keep up the charade for?
103 Godzilla Vs. One Night at Freddy's 7:50 Jet-Jaguar becomes a security guard in order to raise some money, but after reconnecting with his old bandmate, Freddy Fazbear, things turn grim when the animatronic refuses to let him leave. Godzilla and Rodan head off to rescue him, but who's going to rescue them when Freddy calls in reinforcements?
104 The Elf on SpaceGodzilla's Shelf 7:27 The series's 8th annual Christmas Special. Frisky the Snowman tells a story about an Elf on the Shelf that has a run-in with the Evil Monsters in their latest plot. After kidnapping the elf though, the monsters now must deal with the only thing scarier than an angry Santa Claus... Krampus.


# Title Episode Length Summary
105 Godzilla vs. Video Game Land 16:06 Picking up where the episode "Godzilla Vs. One Night at Freddy's" left off on, the Monster Island Buddies find themselves in a world inhabited by Video Game characters. Befriending the team of Sonic the Hedgehog, Ash Ketchem, and King Mickey, the gang must work together to rescue the Godzilla of this world (the NES Godzilla) from the evil Bowser before the strange logic of this new world can kill them, as he knows the way to send them home.
106 Mind Swap 7:17 When Titanosaurus hits his head and turns crazy again, he takes off with his latest invention he made when he was smart: The Mind Swapping Gun. Chaos ensues when he uses it on the Monster Island Buddies.
107 Too Many Godzillas 7:38 Fed up with the constant badgering of the other Godzillas from the erased timelines, Godzilla Prime goes off in Mechagodzilla's Trans-Dimensional Portal to find another place to dump them all off to.
108 Ultraman Leads a Team 7:55 Part-1 of the Ultraman Saga. Ultraman (having been revived by Zoffy) is sent to Earth to prove that he is worthy of being an Ultra Warrior, or be kicked out of the Ultra Brothers. Looking for a way to redeem his past actions, Ultraman (and a Pigmon that was sent to keep an eye on him) forms a team of monsters to assist him in revealing a secret plot being concocted by Alien Zarab.
109 Shoot the Invaders 7:02 Part-2 of the Ultraman Saga. With "Ultra Baka," (the team formulated by Ultraman and Pigmon) now on the case of the Alien Syndicate, the next member of the Syndicate, Alien Baltan, is sent to infiltrate the gang's whereabouts for the next phase of their plan, by possessing Gorosaurus.
110 Son of Kong 9:49 Part-3 of the Ultraman Saga. The Alien Syndicate faces Ultra Baka in a final confrontation at Mechagodzilla's lab. Their leader is revealed to be the Son of King Kong, who is intent on using Mechagodzilla's Trans-Dimensional Portal to find another version of his father to fill the void in his life that was caused by the Monster Island Buddies.
111 Jet Jaguar's Bad Day 8:55 Jet Jaguar has a very bad day. First he doesn't get on Ultraman's team with Godzilla and Rodan, and then he comes home to learn that Moguera has left him on the day he was going to propose to her
112 Gigan's Sister 8:55 Gigan's older sister comes to earth and kicks him off of The L.E.S.B.I.A.N.S so he and Jet Jaguar join forces with the other evil monsters in order to stand up to her.
113 It’s A Meh Life 5:21 Ultraman is about to comit suicide until Frisky the perverted Snowman comes to show him a world where he was never born to change his mind.
114 Terror of Dr Gori 7:31 Exiled from his home planet the brilliant and evil Dr Gori, and his bumbling assistant Karas set their eyes on Earth, meanwhile Ultraseven sends his son Ultraman Zero to work under Ultraman.

Misc. Episodes

# Title Episode Length Summary
1 Frisky the Snowman 5:26 The series's 7th annual Christmas Special, set in Season 8. A Snowman named "Frisky" comes to life, only to stalk Minilla with extreme sexual desires, only for Minilla to realize he's dreaming.
2 Monster Island Frog 20:01 The series's 6th annual April Fools Day Special, set in Season 8. With the series ending soon, MonsterIslandBuddies begins a new spin-off series, staring the Monster Island Frog, featuring a few cameo appearances.

Monster Island Mailbag

During Season 5, another segment was added to the show known as "Monster Island Mailbag". During this segment, various members of the cast would read comments posted by fans of the show and answer them with silly results.

Season 5

# MIB Ep # Question asked Answer
1 51 (Towards Rodan) Are you still pissed at Godzilla for having that drunk one night stand with Mothra? Rodan refuses to answer out of anger and frustration over the incident.
2 51 Hey Rody, What's your favorite kind of beer? Rodan refuses to answer, still out of anger for being reminded about Godzilla's affair with Mothra.
3 51 Rodan, what are your feelings about you only having 1 movie of your own, while godzilla has had over 25 movies? Rodan refuses to answer, still out of anger for being reminded about Godzilla's affair with Mothra.
4 51 Ever since Godzilla died, how bad has life on Monster Island gotten? Rodan angrily announces that it has been good while still being reminded about Godzilla's affair with Mothra.
5 52 My question is... (sic) The fuck is wrong with Titanosaurus? Titanosaurus's origins to how he became the insane monster he is today is demonstrated. He was hit in the head with a Cooking Pot while he was giving an intelligent lecture.
6 53 Who is the most annoying monster you all have to put up with? After considering Titanosaurus or Gigan, Megalon decides that it is Gabara (despite him having not even appeared on the show yet).
7 54 Gigan, do you prefer your normal scythe hands, or your chainsaw hands? No answer is given. Gigan is too excited at the fact that a fan asked him a question.
8 56 King Caesar, can you do a freestyle rap for us?! King Caesar obliges, and freestyle raps about himself.
9 57 Who is the fattest monster Orga weighs all of the biggest monsters in the series, only for them to reveal that Orga is the culprit.
10 59 Mechagodzilla, does that switch on your back only have two modes hipster and evil, or does it have more? Rodan reveals that Mechagodzilla also has a 3rd mode, "Bad impression of Cliff Huxtable."
11 60 I got a question: How many Godzilla toys does it take to screw in a light bulb? The entire cast of the show tries to change a light bulb, only to realize that they're missing it (Titanosaurus is humping it).
12 62 Hey Jet Jaguar why are you always so damn happy? Whats the most dark and horrid thing you have ever done? Jet Jaguar reveals that he was once a cocaine addict who killed Tifa as she was working as a prostitute.
13 63 Hey Grand Ghidorah, whats it like being old? Keizer Ghidorah calls his father to answer the question, but Grand King Ghidorah tries to order a pizza instead.
14 64 Who would win if all 3 annoying monsters gathered up and started annoying eachother? Godzilla misinterprets who is more annoying and so gets his kids together, only for them to be driven away by Gigan, Titanosaurus and Gabara.

Season 6

# MIB Ep # Question asked Answer
1 65 Hi Godzilla , What's your Worst Nightmare Orga reveals that Godzilla's worst nightmare is 12 straight hours of Gabara telling poor comedy.
2 66 hey ghidorah what is your worst enemy After learning that Ghidorah's worst enemy is utensils, Megalon establishes a "Monsters With No Hands" support group.
3 67 For all the monsters, what were the scariest thing that happen to all of you when you all were kids? Godzilla, Rodan, and Jet Jaguar reveal a traumatizing event that happened to them involving Gojira.
4 68 Hey MIB have you checked out the godzilla 2014 trailer? It looks amazing!!! Godzilla answers that he has, albeit awkwardly.
5 69 Dear Rodan, have you ever had sex? If so, who did you have it with? King Ghidorah at first dismisses the question, believing that Rodan's a virgin, only for Rodan to reveal that he lost his virginity to Megaguirus. Rodan is then frustrated to learn that King Ghidorah once had sex with her too.
6 70 Does Titanosaurus have any friends? No answer is given. Ultraman questions the other monsters believing one of them to be Titanosaurus. When he finally finds Titanosaurus, he ends up being humped.
7 72 If SpaceGodzilla is Godzillas "brother", would that mean he's Minillas uncle? While admitting that the answer is true, Godzilla and Minilla are too creeped out at SpaceGodzilla's unsettling nature to be around him.
8 73 Hey godzilla, Can you draw your life? Godzilla draws his life, only for him to be joined by Minilla and Anguirus.

Season 7

# MIB Ep # Question asked Answer
1 76 Mailbag question: Rodan. Could you sing the Jet Jaguar song with that oh so charming voice of yours. Thank you. Rodan refuses to sing the song out of jealously that he doesn't have his own song. Rodan and Jet Jaguar make up a song for Rodan instead.
2 77 Can you do a Goldielocks and the three bears monster island buddies version? With Mothra as Goldie Locks and the Ghidorahs as the three bears? The recreation happens, but with Rodan instead of Mothra is cast as Goldilocks. After Rodan tries the first two porridge bowls, he finds Orga eating the last one. King Ghidorah, Keizer Ghidorah, and Grand King Ghidorah arrive, find out what happened to the food and they attack Rodan.
3 78 Does titanasaurus have a family if he does who are they. Megalon answers that he does. They live in Cleveland, Ohio.
4 78 Has Titanosaurus ever had a girlfriend or boyfriend? Megalon reveals that he did, and she looked just like him (but with red hair).
5 79 MailBag Question:Hey Gigan what was the Meanest thing you ever told someone Gigan reveals that he accidentally insulted Sanda while playing video games with him, ruining their friendship.
6 80 dear rodan play 5 nights at freddy's Rather than outright playing the game, Rodan decides to check in on his friends (in a fashion similar to the titular game's gameplay,) only to get startled by Godzilla and Gorosaurus.
7 81 (Mailbag Question ),hey king ghidorah do you like reading creepypastas and  who is your best character jeff the killer,slenderman,ticci toby,masky or ben drowned Rather than have King Ghidorah answer the question, MonsterIslandBuddies (the user) reveals that he likes them, and he proceeds to reading one of his very own, involving a lost "X" episode of the series (which turns out to be a very short episode involving Rodan and Minilla greeting each other, and Minilla farting).
8 83 dear Godzilla have you ever gone camping with your family? Godzilla reveals that he, Rodan, and Jet-Jaguar went camping with Gojira when they were kids, and were sent to the Hospital after a prank by Gojira backfired. (Literally.)
9 85 Hey Battra, what was your life before monster island like? did you have any friends? family? Mothra reveals Battra's origin story and how they grew up until their eventual separation.
10 86 Excuse me, but where is Jamaican Tickle Me Elmo? Gorosaurus reveals that Jamaican Tickle Me Elmo (a Joke Character from the episode "Drunk Ep. 84",) went to go see a Furby in order to get a spiked Hash Brown out of his body, only to have difficulties communicating with the Furby.
11 88 Hey godzilla, have you ever actually fell in love with someone? You never really talk about any good feelings with someone else. Before Godzilla can answer the question, King Caesar interrupts him to tell everyone of how he had sex with another woman.

Season 8

# MIB Ep # Question asked Answer
1 91 hey Megalon why are always in a depression? Megalon reveals that when he visited France after graduating School, he became depressed after a French Monster told him that everyone dies eventually.
2 94 Does Siri do Mogurea's voice? Gabara and Ebirah (now finally debuting officially) compare Siri's voice to M.O.G.U.E.R.A.'s to find out.
3 95 Whatever happened to mechagodzilla Rodan reassures the audience that Mechagodzilla is fine, but while getting into an argument with Gabara, he reveals that his Cliff Huxtable mode has been "retconned" out with a Christopher Walken mode instead.
5 97 One question though,how many times has someone died and been resurrected? Godzilla, Rodan, and Jet-Jaguar recount all those who have died and come back previously in the series, only to be surprised by a sudden return from Zilla.
6 98 make certain things stop? Deciphering the request as best as he can, Orga goes around ordering monsters to stop doing certain things, with mixed results.

Post-Arc Yearly Episodes


# MIB Ep # Question asked Answer
1 Misc #1 Do u want 2 compare how low our sacks have dropped? Before Minilla and Frisky can answer the request, they're abruptly cut off by Mario and Luigi having a nightmare, one of the many running gags that occur in the episode.
2 102 hey Godzilla What was The weirdest thing your dad did when you were little? Godzilla responds by recounting the time in which he caught Gojira having sex with Audrey II while being watched by a stranger he paid to do so, inadvertently revealing how Biollante was conceived.


# MIB Ep # Question asked Answer
1 106 What's dystroyahs funnyist moment? Spacegodzilla reveals that Destoroyah once use to have a career in stand-up Comedy. However, his act quickly fell flat when all of his jokes are revealed to be puns.
2 107 Hey Rodan. Will you ever have your own series? Rodan denies the possibility, but he does present the viewers with a "pilot" episode for a series he made with Minilla called "Here Comes Rodan." However, it is revealed to be a ruse, as Rodan was actually trying to record over Godzilla and Mothra's affair video
3 107 Hey rodan are you still mad that Godzilla did it with mothra when they thought u were dead Rodan refuses to answer, still out of anger for being reminded about Godzilla's affair with Mothra.